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Partner by Businesses.com.au

What we do

We are a media business with a suite of niche news, magazine and eCommerce high traffic websites
creating a market place to connect merchants, travel operators, lead buyers and sellers with people.

For advertisers, we provide you with instant online impact across our sites and selected third party
high traffic niche outlets to connect you with the right buyers and consumers to generate more leads.

We work with business to target consumers, generate leads, make real cash sales and grow.

For quality publishers, we provide a marketplace to confidentially meet advertisers.

We offer a full suite of services inhouse from design, research, web building and publishing for fast
implementation of campaigns that are 100% pay per performance generating new business.

  Extend your retail reach with
  affiliate marketing on our
  network or one that we
  partner with.

Sell Online

Retailers all around Australia can extend their marketing reach with an affiliate campaigns on the Partner.Businesses.com.au network.

Some merchants choose to be on another affiliate network as well or instead of ours and we can help with that too.

How it works

Partner.Businesses.com.au will help you to move more stock. You can be in more than one place at once !

A business in Perth can sell in NSW through our network. We are not eBay where brands are not promoted and everything goes on price. Most of our merchants sell at full retail price to maintain margins.

Step 1. Tell us what you want to sell

Let us sell your stock

You keep your stock safely in your store. We do not touch it.

Step 2. We add your product to our store

We list the product that you want to sell across our affiliate site and sell it with display and online nationwide publicity articles across news, magazines and social media.

We will make sale and collect freight and handling charges as well.

Step 3. You get paid

We deposit the money into your bank minus 10% commission on sales value ( not freight part )

Step 4. Delivery after you are paid

Customer collects goods at your store or you use the freight and handling money that we collected for you to dispatch the goods to the buyer.

Simple !

With Partner.Businesses.com.au you are likely to get

More Sales
Brand Awareness
Supplier Discounts
More Profit

We are nimble and flexible so come to us if you have a plan of your own

Contact us on 1300 205 504.

E - contact @ rogersdigital.com or ceo @ businesses.com.au

Partner.Businesses.com.au is mobile,
desktop and smartphone ready.

Check your ad space design, sales results and revenues on the go in real time.

For our advertisers and merchants, it's important to be able to check your daily marketing campaigns on the go.

With our mobile and smartphone interface, consumers anywhere can see your products or services and you can,
in real-time, gather data so that you can see what cash will be in your account or make changes to what is online.

The Partner.Businesses.com.au apps are perfect for merchants and service providers who want to make changes
to their marketing material on a day to day basis.

These days, mobile devices are the most important marketing resource for merchants and we are ready!

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